Sunday, July 20, 2008


Thank you Polly for making my night! Your kind words mean so much!

Chris and Julien spent the day at Barber Motorsports Park today, while Addie and I enjoyed a quiet day at home without the boys. As soon as they got home, I managed to talk them into going to the waterfall in Old Town. Somehow since having Addie, I have turned into a G-I-R-L! I cannot stand the bugs and when you combine 300-degree heat and bugs, I'm just irritable (I hate Alabama summers)! Addie and I only managed about 20 minutes of playing keep the bugs away before we headed to the car while Chris and Julien waded through the water to find shells. On the way home, we stopped by Publix to buy a fly swatter for the one fly that has managed to torment us all day long. While trying to get Addie's floppy seat settled into the shopping cart, we were obstructing traffic, which turned out not to be a bad thing...Polly stopped to say hello and was so kind - she saw my Addie article and has been following the blog since! I live for moments like that! Thanks again!