Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All done!

Addie did a phenomenal job prior to and during the MRI!

I sent Dr. Ness an email yesterday letting her know that we could not get an appointment with her until August 20th and requested that she email the results to me. She emailed me back late last night and told me to come to her office right after the MRI for the results. I knew she was a wonderful doctor, this just proves it! We do have the results from the MRI. It was a lot harder to hear the results than I thought it would be. I am doing some additional research and will give details soon.

I held back the tears as I asked Dr. Ness to please tell me if I could have done something wrong during my pregnancy. She was very, very firm with me and told me not to spend one more second thinking that I had any part in this. She told me that Microcephaly is such a complicated and rare condition that scientists have tried to recreate it in a lab setting and have been unable to. She said there was no way that I could have "caused" it. I managed to keep the tears back as she finished talking, printed out pictures of the MRI for me and explained the concerns. Dr. Ness told me that the results could have been so much worse. She is really proud of Addie for her accomplishments, advised us to continue to monitor her for seizures and to prepare ourselves...for what?