Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mrs. Amy's and Mr. Eawick's!

We had a blast today at Amy and Eric's pool party! We officially call him "Mr. Eawick" because when we first met, Julien was two-years-old and still working on proper pronunciation of his "R's"! None of these pictures turned out well, but I had to post them to show everybody was a little "Nosey Rosey" I have! We couldn't get a good picture of Addie for nothing; she refused to look at the camera because she was concentrating so intently on what everyone else was doing! It took quite a while to get Addie into the water and even longer before she released the death grip on me and started to splash around a little. By that time, it was a cool 300 degrees and I thought our flesh was going to burn off, so we changed clothes and called it a day! Sitting under the umbrella and snacking on the wide variety of healthy, fat-free snacks (cookies, chips, bean dip, wine, etc.) made for a relaxing afternoon. Thanks guys, we enjoyed it as usual!


Anonymous said...

Addie looks like a Bama cheerleader in the picture with the striped rug!! How darling she is.

Susan W.

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

How cute is she? Looks like she was wore out. She does like to be aware of her surroundings.