Saturday, March 01, 2008

What a week

Life is passing way too quickly and some weeks are just filled with appointment after appointment, which leaves no time to do the things that we enjoy! I hope tomorrow will be a beautiful day and we can slow down the pace a bit!

Addie brought home another "boo-boo" report today. This time, another child scratched Addie's face in several places while she was playing on the floor at school. Of course this is going to happen, but the part that bothered me is that she has no way of getting away from another child if they are hurting her. Her teacher assured me that Addie didn't cry, but did have quite a few red marks all over her face. None of the scratches broke the skin, so not a big deal. I think she's had enough of objects and people picking on her this week!


Melanie Sims said...

I hope it wasn't Ali! I cute her fingernails today just in case.