Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Empathy for Mommy

Addie has the sweetest personality and is very possessive of me. I had to make an unplanned visit to the doctor after work today and due to the time restraints of daycare, we had to bring Addie with us. Addie sat on my lap most of the time during the visit, but when it came time for my shots, I gave her to Chris who was sitting in the chair in the corner. Addie always watches every move that I make and when the nurse approached me with the first shot, Addie started to whimper. When he actually gave me the shot, the tears started rolling down her face. He backed up to the counter to get the second shot and she started to calm down, until he walked back over to me. When the nurse gave me the second shot, Addie hit melt down and didn't calm down until I picked her back up! I personally think she remembers her Hepatitis A vaccine from yesterday and couldn't help but think, "poor Mommy, she had to get two"!