Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Today was the annual Easter Egg Hunt at work. All the events were inside the parking deck because of the weather, so most of the pictures have lovely backgrounds, i.e. electrical cords, oil stains... :)
This was the first year that Julien was considered an "adult" and couldn't participate in the egg hunt. I just can't believe that eight years have passed since the first time we attended this event! That first year, I still had to hold Julien's hand and help him pick up the eggs because the eggs were too big for his little hands. This year, he was helping Addie pick up the eggs...
This was Addie's first year to attend; I just couldn't bring her last year. Addie had a really great time! She is such a people watcher (nosey britches) and is very content just to sit back and watch. She brought baby with her and refused to let go of her... It was tough for me to watch all the other babies playing in the balls, throwing and kicking the bouncy balls or picking out eggs. It didn't appear to bother Addie that she wasn't doing what the other babies were...but it bothered Julien and me. Maybe next year will be different.