Sunday, March 09, 2008

We officially have "baby"!

Chris and I have allowed ourselves to believe that Addie is now saying "baby" as well as "bye-bye"! While getting dressed this morning, Addie was sitting in the floor with her baby and was "talking" to her and when we asked her if she had her baby, she answered, "baby". I looked at Chris and told him that it was official, we could allow ourselves to really believe that she was saying yet another precious word! I am just overwhelmed with joy! No words can ever describe my emotions. Even if Addie never progresses past this day, she has proven to this world what a true miracle and blessing she is.


Jamie said...

This is wonderful. I know you are SO proud of Addie. GOD IS SO GOOD!

Jenn said...

Way to go Addie! I can't imagine how you guys must feel every time she does something they said she wouldn't. She will continue to AMAZE us all.