Sunday, March 30, 2008

No fair again!

My sister got her pictures from Kim yesterday, but I still don't have mine...Our mail "person" must have skipped over us! Here are a few of the group and my nieces.


Jenn said...

Great pics! Kim is awesome and I am sure it makes her job very easy when the kids are so precious.

aunt cissy said...

The kids did a great job. Kim is awesome as jenn mentioned but they did such a good job. I am very proud. Love to each of them. I was very proud of my girl, Gabi's eyes were just sparkling.

Jeremy & Kim said...

That is no fair, they were mailed at the same time!! Hopefully you will get yours tomorrow! I loved photographing the kids, they all seemed to love getting their pictures made, the bunnies have made an impression on all the kids too!