Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Beautiful pictures!

Addie's therapists told me about this site today. I don't think this will be available too much longer, so go take a look as soon as you can. These babies and toddlers are beautiful...you may need to have some tissues handy! It takes a minute to load and turn your volume up for the song!



Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...


I received this link in an email from Terri Yates right after the Marathon. It's awesome & let's everyone see what the Mercedes Marathon was all about. Addie's picture is beautiful.

Jenn said...

Some of God's GREATEST work. They are all so precious.

aunty cissy said...

Aunt Nonna was right; Addie's pic was beautiful as always. I saw a glimpse of mom and Linda also. It definitely made you feel the joy, love and hope for all of the kids at the Bell Center. They are truly a blessing.

Anonymous said...

The song's lyrics "I'm so glad I'm here everyday" say it all. I am so glad these wonderful children are here everyday. Each and every child is absolutely gorgeous and I was so proud to see them get their medals!! They earned them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that video and letting everyone know about it. It was awesome. Addie is a cutie patootie. They really put life in perspective. Someone needs to send that in to Godtube.com, I think it's great.