Friday, March 21, 2008

Tough decisions

Last week, Chris and I were faced with the choice of leaving Addie in her current class at school or moving her up to the next class with her peers. The decision was so difficult because Addie is so far behind her friends with regards to her physical milestones. Also, although the ratio is 1:5, I was petrified that Addie would be lost in the crowd because she typically is such a good baby. Since she isn't mobile, it would be easy for a lazy teacher to put Addie in the floor with toys and "forget" about her because she doesn't demand a whole lot of attention. Not that I had concerns about any particular teacher, but Addie's current teachers have went above and beyond my expectations to ensure that Addie is able to do everything her friends can do and to give Addie the extra attention that she unfortunately has to have. The decision was so difficult that just the thought was making me ill. I turned it over to God and knew that the decision would be made clear to me. A few days later, the decision was made for me. Although the ratio in Addie's new class is 1:5, the director has received permission from corporate to move one of Addie's current teachers with her to the next class (and the next and the next - if needed), which means the ratio will be 2:5 and Addie will receive the attention that she needs. The other "problem" that was so upsetting to me is that in the next class, all the babies eat at a "big table". Addie is not even close to being able to achieve this. I couldn't allow Addie to be the only baby eating in a highchair, while all her friends were at a table. I decided that I would measure the chairs and see if I could find someone through The Bell Center to make me a chair for Addie. This problem was also resolved today. The director and assistant director at school found a chair that is the appropriate measurements, has sides and a buckle and will fit perfectly at the little tables! This means that Addie will be able to eat her meals with her friends! Once again, God has placed amazing people in my path, who are willing to go the extra mile to help Addie succeed! I couldn't be more thankful! Addie moves to her new class March 31st!