Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A tentative "bye-bye"!

I normally wait until I am 100% certain that Addie has learned something new before I share, but this time I can't help it!
When Chris and I walked in to Addie's class this afternoon, the first thing out of her teachers' mouth was "it was bye-bye"! We told Donna and Raquel that we really thought a new word was emerging and they think that it has! We have been trying so hard to understand the new sounds Addie has been making and her teacher's have been working overtime to get Addie to talk (and walk)! Raquel told me that Addie was talking to another teacher and when the teacher started to walk away, they kept saying "bye-bye" and then Addie said it as well! Chris heard her say what he really thinks is "bye-bye" this past Sunday.
We are proceeding with cautious optimism (the story of our lives in our wait and see world!), but we think this is it! We'll see if she continues to speak her new word before we make the announcement official! Then we'll have to work harder on her learning how to wave "bye-bye!

When a lot of time lapses with Addie's progress, it becomes extremely difficult for me. Just when I start to hit bottom, God is there to show me the way. Thank you all for your continued prayers!