Friday, March 21, 2008

Super tough week

Addie has been going through a tough time at school this week. She is normally so happy and content, but she has been hysterical and clingy all week. The situation got so bad yesterday that I had to go to school to comfort Addie. She wouldn't eat for her teacher's and was just inconsolable. I calmed Addie down, fed her lunch and waited until she was asleep before leaving. Today was almost as bad. We have been "troubleshooting" the situation, trying to figure it all out. I don't know if she is getting sick, an ear infection, teething or if there is something else going on. This is very upsetting to Addie's teachers and us. Hopefully, this is just a bad week - spring break and a little off normal routine - and Addie will be back to her normal, happy self by Monday!