Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fort Navigation

It has been almost a year since I first documented how the Monkus navigates her way independently.

Almost one year later, I am still impressed with how she maneuvers her way through unfamiliar places.

Once we were on the ground floor of the fort, I let Addie out of her stroller and with Julien a few steps in front of her and Chris and Me a few steps behind her, she was free to walk without having to hold our hands.

...and once again, I was in awe of her...

as we walked through each new doorway and over each new surface, Monkus felt her way through with her hands and feet, determining on her own whether or not she needed to hold onto something in order to step over anything or to prevent her from falling.

Watching this moment unfold was pretty amazing to us.
As she approached the threshold and noticed an incline, she held onto the wall and felt her way with her feet until she was steady and comfortable with her footing.
I didn't call out to her or offer any reassurance (and it wasn't easy for me!), she did it all by herself.

It certainly helped that Julien was already inside and she was trying her best to catch up with him as quickly as possible!

May 31, 2013