Sunday, June 09, 2013

Day Three - The Zoo

Day three started off much better than the previous days!
The resort we stayed at was very pretty.
Enjoying the calm on the way to the bus was a good way to begin the morning.

We knew Addie would love the "zoo".
This was one of her favorite places from our last visit.
There was a lot to take in, and I don't think she ever said anything during our ride through the zoo, but she was definitely paying close attention.

After we exited the safari ride, the sun was really beaming down and it was time for Addie to put on her new hat.
She was less than thrilled and absolutely refused.
Considering her very fair skin, she didn't have a choice.
So I did what any good and respectable parent would do....I "called" her Special Education Teacher.
Once Addie heard me on the phone with Mrs. Allison, she immediately put her hat on and it stayed there the entire day.
At one point, I went to take her hat off to wipe her face and she immediately told me, "No!" and put it right back on.
I'm keeping Mrs. Allison on speed dial from now on.

I am always impressed by Animal Kingdom and the habitats they have provided for their animals.

My husband was thoughtful enough to wear an orange shirt - so I had no problem keeping up with him the entire day.

Julien voluntarily was in charge of Chunkus Monkus, so I had the opportunity to really take in the surroundings and make the bad decision for us to go and visit the Conservation Center...(coming soon).

It was day three and I still couldn't get Addie to smile - it really was taking her a while to adapt to the new, crazy environment we were in!