Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day Five

Day five started off at our own pace. 
We took our time eating breakfast and let Addie sit for a while and color before we even made our way to the bus.

Test Track was one of Chris and Julien's favorite rides. 

Julien even enjoyed designing and testing his new car.

I somehow managed to get talked into buying Addie another hat.
She couldn't have cared less and did not ask for one single thing.
However, Julien said she had to have it.

She was absolutely thrilled to have the camera in her face - yet again.

The day was quite beautiful, but so extremely hot.
We took advantage of every opportunity to stay out of the direct sunlight.

There was a cave right besides the gardens where we stayed and colored and cooled off.

It was yet another day where we had to head back to the room to shower and change.
I will take 32 degree temperatures over this - any day.

Did I mention that I got talked into buying two hats....?

On the way back out for the afternoon, we got caught in the only rain of our trip.
It lasted only a short time and other than Julien dropping his Invisalign into a puddle of dirty water - of all things! - we were otherwise unscathed.

Since Addie had so much fun at the dance party the night before, we planned our evening so that she could go back to the party.

She rocked The Chicken Dance!

It made us all so happy to see her having a good time!

We stayed late and made sure we rode every ride on our list.
It was five days in at the parks and I finally got a picture of the Iron Man Monorail Train - how cool!