Monday, June 24, 2013

Day Eight

She truly is his shadow and wants to follow him everywhere.

The Monkus demanded that Julien stand with her for photo after photo.
He clearly minded...

We made our way into the room which displayed the sleeping arrangements for the soldiers.
I had just finished telling Addie not to touch, when she reached her little hand over and gently placed it right on top of the mattress.

Which meant that as we viewed all other areas of the fort, she proceeded to touch - everything.

However, it wasn't long before we left the fort to soak up the last few hours of our time (in 2013)  in Saint Augustine.

Although we had set aside another half day to go back to the beach or do whatever activity we so desired, everyone was just worn out...and dreading the car ride home.
Monkus was beyond exhausted and upon arriving back at the hotel, she wanted to "Go home"....and after a good night of rest, we did.

Summer Vacation 2013 - That's a wrap!