Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day at the Beach

It had been almost four full years since our last visit to the beach. 
We've been a little busy and preoccupied with doing other things.

Those four years away meant that by the time we actually got to the beach, Julien and Addie - absolutely loved it.
It was a beautiful day.

We came fully prepared, not forgetting one single thing, including a beach blanket.
The only blanket in sight, was our fuzzy and very warm, snuggle blanket.
It was the perfect magnet for sand, but served the overall purpose quite well.

Upon arriving, nobody was quick to take to the water.

However, after settling in, Julien decided to go and test the water temperature prior to allowing Chunk to follow.

She was slightly less than thrilled about her Julien temporarily leaving her and

later took it out on him by depositing sand all over him as he relaxed and soaked up the sun.

The beach was so nice and peaceful.

With zero crowds!
It was definitely our kind of beach.

Addie absolutely loved being in the water!
She was a complete nut over it and literally could have played in the water all day long had we let her.
Now, every time we see a picture of the beach or the beach on television, Addie laughs and says, "Whoa!", talking about how the waves would knock her down.

When our vacation was over, Julien said that our day at the beach was his favorite part of it all and I know Addie loved it as well, which gives me a whole lot to consider for our next vacation.