Monday, June 10, 2013

Conservation Center

I thought it would be awesome to take the train ride out to the conservation center. 
Addie was thoroughly enjoying the bus rides, the train rides and anything music related, so I was trying to incorporate any of those into as much of our day as possible.

Upon entering the conservation center - this is the first thing we encountered.

After bypassing the snake, we spotted this and I thought - for sure - that Addie would at the very least - take a picture with him if I did too.
This was as close as she got and the entire time, she was holding up her hand and telling him, "No".
I absolutely gave it my best effort
and yes,
for anyone paying close enough attention,
that is my hair plastered to my head and neck.
It was disgustingly hot and humid and I just knew for sure that I was going to have primate hair glued to my sweaty skin after walking away.

How would you like to have this job?
Sitting in an office with a glass wall so that thousands of people could see you every day...and behind a table that encourages you to "Match the feces with the species.".
This clearly would not have been a good career path for me to have chosen.

Our next stop was absolutely exhausting for us all.
When Addie happened upon the "hospital", her life came to a halt.
She literally could not take her eyes off the room and studied every single last detail of it.
It was so bad, that Chris and Julien managed to finish touring the entire building, came back, and we were still standing in the exact same spot.
Addie would not respond to anyone calling her and she stood at the window until literally we had to pick her up and walk away, right back to the train.

She is absolutely enamored by all things, "Doctor" and "Hospital".
She has such a soft heart.