Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby Toto

After the loss of Carli, my Mom was certain she would not get another dog despite the vet's encouragement that she do so as soon as possible.

A little over two months later, my aunt placed this little guy in Mom's life.
His name is Tucker, he is a tiny little Morkie and one of the sweetest puppies - ever.

My Mom got him while we were away on vacation, which meant he had a week to settle into his new home before we met him.
When Addie first saw him, she immediately called him "Toto" and that is all she calls him.

Back at Christmas, Addie was quite attached to Moosletoe, who she lovingly called "Toto".
Tucker must have reminded her of Moosletoe, because she has never seen the horrible, nightmare inducing Wizard of Oz.

At first Addie was a bit nervous around him, but it wasn't long

before she was offering him hugs and kisses.

June 7, 2013


jennohara said...

Awe! And Toto is very suiting I must say! So sweet.
I miss talking to you!! When I have a decent minute and a 1/2, an email will be coming your way!