Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Home, Home"

It has been three long weeks without Julien.
Julien came back tonight after being away in Nashville.

We all missed him terribly, but it is always so much harder on Addie because she just doesn't understand.

This past week was just crazy and busy.
By Wednesday, Addie had enough of Crazy Town and was ready to ship herself off to find Julien.
She asked about him too many times to even try to count and watching her walk into his room to look for him each day was absolutely pitiful.

We kept Addie extremely busy while Julien was away and I won't deny that she may have acquired a little surprise here and there to help keep her mind occupied.

Since Addie is all about buses right now, I had my friend Rhoda work her magic 
and the end result was perfect - Addie loves her new bus dress!

Thursday happened to be ridiculously crazy and just when I thought the entire world had gone mad, there was one individual that reminded me of the good still left in others.

Addie had a very rough day on her field trip and was upset - total sensory overload in unfamiliar surroundings.
That is when someone, out of the pure goodness of their heart, gave Addie a baby in an effort to calm her down
it worked.
It truly warms my heart to know that someone went out of their way for Addie - without anything expected in return.
I could never thank this individual enough for this small, but perfect act of kindness.

Without a doubt, Addie fell asleep faster tonight than she has in what feels like forever.
After climbing into bed, Addie looked at me and asked, "Julien?".
When I told her that he was in his room, she immediately closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, perfectly at peace knowing that her Julien was back at home.


Shellie said...

This is the sweetest post! How precious the bond between the two of them!