Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Day Two

Oh my goodness, day two was a very close tie to day two - two years ago.

Addie cried - for hours.
It was awful.
New environments can be hard on her and for whatever reason, this day was especially hard.
We started off at Hollywood Studios, and I thought for sure that seeing the piggy, along with all the Toy Story Characters would surely get Addie in the theme park mood.
She cried before, during and after the ride.
The ride "cast member" was basically showering Addie with stickers in an effort to calm her.

When I realized that we really had reached the point of no return, we headed for the boats - and straight to Mexico.

Addie was a little anxious on the boat ride and kept baby close by.

Upon arriving in Mexico, just as we were preparing to eat one of the worst Mexican lunches in history, this little birdie visited Addie.

He had no problem walking up and putting his extremely large beak on the chair right next to Addie's leg.
Julien handed the bird a chip, saving Addie from a total and complete meltdown.

After Mexico, we went to see Finding Nemo.
Ummm...not even swimming fish relaxed Addie.

We gave up on Epcot, and headed on over to Downtown Disney.
We visited the Lego Store to buy a gift for one of Addie's friends and then took a few minutes to check out the awesome Lego displays.

After leaving Lego Land, we encountered dance music - and that is what it took to get the Little Monkus's spirits up!