Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June Update

Since the end of the school year, we have been going non-stop.
I know lots of people love summer because of the slower pace, but personally, summer throws my schedule  so far out of whack, that it is harder to keep up.

Julien is away for a few weeks, which means that not only do we miss him terribly, but it has thrown Addie's world completely off its axis.
Addie has been sleeping in Julien's shirts, setting up camp with her babies in his bed, going into his room to listen to his radio and asking about him - constantly.
Every day when we pick her up from Summer Camp, she always asks about Julien, hoping he is home.
The first week after he left, she came running through the door each afternoon, calling his name.

Addie is keeping us quite busy.
She is loving Summer Camp and we are beyond blessed to have aides with Addie that she already knows.
Addie absolutely loves the opportunity to go on field trips and asks me every single day, "Bus?"!
In addition to Summer Camp, our social calendar is so full that I alone we managed to miss two social engagements last weekend.
Sure I felt horrible about it, but I am known for not being perfect, and I am at peace with that.

Chris has once again found his way to the golf courses spread out amidst the southern states.
He not only spent several days volunteering for a great cause, but he also managed to fit in his annual "Father's Day Golf Trip" and enjoyed several days away from our busy lives.
That in itself added much more confusion for Addie and I spent days trying to let her know that Julien and her Daddy would be home soon.
On the brighter side, she has now firmly mastered the ability to say the word, "Golf" - perfectly.

As for me, I'm happy to have an ear infection that went away, and an amazing job that I am blessed to return to each day.

Now...if we can just make it through the rest of summer without anymore ear infections, somehow manage to avoid the snake infestation taking place seemingly everywhere, and get Julien back home before Addie asks about him 300 more times, life will continue to be just fine.