Thursday, June 27, 2013

Critical Milestone Met

Since it was Father's Day - which meant Chris was on the golf course - I decided to take advantage of the opportunity for some piggie painting.
I rarely ever take Addie with me anymore because she is always so anxious and upset every time we enter a nail salon.
I really think it has everything to do with the masks, gloves and dental chairs.

However, on this day, I was desperate.
On our way out the door, I told her that we were going to have fun and there would be, "No crying".

Much to my surprise and amazement, there wasn't any crying and it was fun!

See what she has been missing out on all these years!

She was such a good girl - I was so proud of her!

On our way down to the car, Rudy followed us and immediately took advantage of the open car door.
He jumped right in and prepared for our departure.

Much to his dismay, I had to extract him from the car and put him back inside the house.
If he's not swimming in the bathtubs, he's begging for rides in the car.

June 16, 2013


jennohara said...

She's got the cutest little piggies ever! Brave girl, Addie! I'm so proud of you!!