Monday, April 18, 2011

Testing...One. Two. Three. Testing...

April 8, 2011
When I get even a hint of something in my mind, it just won't go away until I resolve it.
We were sitting at dinner one night not too long ago and I was watching Addie, when I started to wonder how she might do in a "big girl chair".
Keep in mind that according to the manufacturer of Addie's high chair, "The Svan High Chair grows with your child from childhood to adulthood. In later years, the chair's footrest becomes its seat.", so it's not like she's in a baby high chair or anything. 
BUT, the idea ran through my mind and I just could not let it go.
So, I researched booster seats - like crazy - until I found one that I thought I would be satisfied with.
The hubby and I tracked it down, went and retrieved it and brought it home.
Addie wasn't exceptionally thrilled with it at first and I still don't know what she thinks about it, but I can tell you about what the rotten little baby did the second night we tried it out.
I have "my seat" that I sit in at the table.
It's mine and even when we have company, that one seat in the house is off limits.
My Rotten Little Baby Girl took the booster seat out of the seat I had it in, carried it to my seat, put it on my seat, found my water cup and put it at my place setting and then demanded that we help her onto my chair.
When her Daddy tried to get her to move - the white horns of fury emerged.
We backed away slowly, with me firmly telling the little beast that she had a pass - this one time, but she wasn't getting my chair.

Don't mind the messy face, the fact that she is picking up food with her hands or that she is wearing the same shirt seen in several of the last posts (that is one of the few "simple" t-shirts that she has and besides looking so pretty in blue, the t-shirt means a lot to me, so she will wear it until the seams start to burst).

As I type this now, the booster seems to be okay.
We switch back and forth between the high chair and the booster with our main concern being Addie's balance.
She has already tried her best to fall out of the booster, so it is a work in progress!


Anonymous said...

Now I just have to know what it says on the cup in front of her!