Monday, April 18, 2011

Honored? You Bet We Were!

Saturday, April 9, 2011
We were beyond honored to receive an invitation to a very special event.
We were invited to attend an Easter Egg Hunt that was hosted by a local family that attended The Bell Center at the same time as Addie. 
This family opened their home to some of the most precious families that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. 
They took every detail into consideration and from the moment that we arrived, until the moment we left, we enjoyed each minute and time with dear friends.

Just as we were finishing lunch - I was standing actually having an adult conversation - when Addie began to shake and started pulling on my clothes, begging me to hold her. 
I scooped her up, trying to console her when something caught my eye.

E.B. (also known as the evil, demonic, ball of fur or the Easter Bunny) was standing just feet away.

The torture.

E.B.falls into the same category as


Just to name a few.

I took Addie up into the backyard in an effort to calm her down and put as much space between E.B. and us as humanly possible.

This picture is not so that you can look at the enormous size of my backside - in fact, please don't.

Instead, focus on the arm extending out over my right shoulder. 
When I put Addie down, she backed up as close as she could get to the fence and grabbed onto me wanting me to get her - presumably so that we could run as far away from E.B. as we could possibly get!

She finally calmed down enough so that I could pull her away from the fence. 
When I tried to take her hand to have her walk with me, she buried herself into me.

So, that's where we stayed until time for the actual hunt to begin.

It was extremely relaxing and we enjoyed the quiet time and the beautiful day.
(Yes.  The photo is blurry, but I had to give you a visual.)