Sunday, April 24, 2011

Such a Good Listener!!!!

While Chris and I were getting things together to leave the house today, I asked him if he had any idea where I left Addie's pink Lelli Kelly's.

Things have been so incredibly hectic lately that I can't remember anything unless I write myself a note...that I might as well staple to my hand.

In an enlightening moment, I remembered that I had taken them off Addie while she was in the downstairs potty room.

I turned to Addie and asked her, "Addie, can you please go into the potty room and get your pretty pink shoes?".

She looked at me for just a moment, turned and walked down the hallway.

Chris and I just stood looking at each other, waiting.

A minute later, we heard Addie shut the potty room door and she came running back into the kitchen....

Pink Lelli Kelly's in hand.

It sounded like Tiger Stadium in our kitchen!

We praised Addie like she had just won the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl! 
She had one shoe in each hand and her arms held above her head like she was celebrating a touchdown!

By golly guys - she followed a direct command - perfectly!