Friday, April 22, 2011

The After Party

Chunk was so incredibly proud of all of her new prizes. 
She sat on the floor playing for what seemed like hours.
One of her favorite prizes was a set of matching cards - think the game Memory.

She was exhausted!
Monkus loved her new book too....I can't tell you how many times she showed me that silly blue guy eating cookies.

We somehow managed to con my family into coming over to watch Monkey for a while so that Chris and I could go out to dinner.
We are about the most pathetic people you will ever meet.
I think we were home by 9:30...I mean seriously, we're too old to go clubbing, every place in the Birmingham Metro area is so overdeveloped that there is nowhere to go parking catching fireflies and heaven forbid we would have went to a movie, we would have fallen asleep.


On a brighter note,
The Monkey had corn on the cob for dinner.
My sister put the corn on Monkey's plate


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Silly me put the whole ear of corn on her plate. GaGa wanted to cut it in half....I told her, you go ahead and try to take it to cut it. As you can see she had no problem handling the whole ear.


jennohara said...

Mmm!! Hanna loves corn too! She'll attack you for it!
So the plasma car is cool huh? I've seen them and wondered...