Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweet Baby

We got home after dark last night.

On the way home, I turned on the DVD players, hoping beyond all hope that we could get home without Addie meltdown.

Addie did okay, but she kept wanting my full attention and was very inquisitive over something that was just so sweet that it was mildly humorous.

Addie spotted her image in the reflection of the window.  She was completely enamored with her image and I can't figure out if she understood what she was seeing.  I told her that the window looked like a mirror and that, "that's you Sweet Girl, that's Addie". 

She couldn't get enough of that Sweet Girl looking back at her...


and for all things good and whole in this world, Addie just woke up.  I hope the rest of you are getting a peaceful nights sleep - and Suzanne - you better NOT come by and tell me how wonderful it was that Thomas slept through the night...just don't do it.


Anonymous said...

OK, I won't come tell you anything about promising sleep habits...but if it makes you feel any better, I'm sure he'll pay me back for his good baby ways when he becomes a teenager!