Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Cupcakes and Dreams

Last week we went over to my Mother's for the first birthday celebration (of the week) for my niece. This was the visit where my children narrowly escaped a visit to the ER.

My sister had lured me to my Mother's with the promise of GiGi's Cupcakes.  My eating disorder didn't take much convincing and so we went for dinner and dessert...and for heartstopping moments.

I would not put cupcakes on the top of my list of things that I crave (in the dessert category), but one look at GiGi's website would get most everyone salivating. 
The variety was neat, the presentation was satisfactory, but I think that I have just been spoiled by the devine yummy goodness that resides in Homewood, Alabama.
Once you have tasted a baby bite, nothing else will compare - ever (in the cupcakey category that is).
and there was no point in this part of the post...other than to have you drool over all that icing.

and on to my dreams.....

There are some dreams that I didn't let die.
I don't think that I could talk about them right now if I wanted to, but it doesn't matter, because I don't want to talk about them.

I want to talk about just one - for right now.

This one involves my Baby Girl 
  I honestly didn't know if this day would ever come

my heart has ached for Addie to be able to walk in boots.

I don't know why.

Maybe because I'm a girl and girls think of stupid stuff like that.

To be continued....(I'm exhausted and have managed to shuck all responsibilities tonight, thus leaving me guilt I'm taking my slacker, guilt ridden, cupcake dislikein', emotional self to bed).


Nicole said...

She WILL walk in boots someday....I dreamed it, remember??