Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Third Time's....The Pain Reliever?

I went to bed right after midnight last night...Chunk woke me by 1:00 - crying and sounding like Darth Vader.

She went back to sleep just after 4:00.

As we were getting ready this morning, she was being silly (pure exhaustion driving it) and was looking down at the floor and managed to fall - face first onto the tile floor.  There were no visible injuries, no tears, so lots of hugs and kisses and we moved on.

I sat staring at my calendar today trying to figure out if there was a time when our pediatrician could possibly see Chunk...then decided to give it one more day.

When we picked Chunk up from school this afternoon, she had one bruised and scraped knee and one scraped and bleeding knee.

Tonight, Miss Chunky Helperton was assisting with cleaning the living room when she decided she wanted to push the footrest back down on the recliner after I finished vacuuming underneath.  Yep -  she slammed her elbow in between the footrest and the chair.  She didn't cry, there are no visible injuries and her elbow appears to be usable.

However, I decided a little bit of pain meds were in order.  In hopes that she would rest well tonight.  I just glanced at the monitor and Chunk is awake and has just started to cry....

and I wonder why I look like I've been drug around by the neighborhood cat every single day.


Melanie said...

Bless you. If I lived there we would totally go for a spa day/massage. :)