Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Sweetest Heart

January 21, 2011

Chris and I are constantly humbled by the amazing generosity from the least obvious of places.

Some of you will remember my post about the co-worker who read the blog and offered to make the slipcover for Addie's walker.

Two years have passed and she is still reading the blog (wow). Months and months will pass between the time that I run into her. This time our meeting just so happened to be the week of Addie's surgery. She stopped me to tell me that she wanted to make a treat for Addie and Julien since they had both been sick.

How amazingly sweet. The small, thoughtful gestures like that just completely wow me. This lady is amazing, sweet and awfully talented...and so very appreciated!

He only thought he was going to get out of taking an "appreciation photo".