Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Great Progress

Today was a very productive day in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.
When I saw Mom at 9:00 a.m., she was still full of tubes and wires and in a lot of pain.
When I saw her at 11:00, they had moved her to a chair, she was minus a few tubes including two of the drain tubes.
At the 1:00 visit, she was mildly-alert and irritable enough that I wished the nurses luck on my way out.
When I saw her at 5:30, she was in the step-down room and so well medicated that I am not entirely sure that she will remember the visit.

The doctor came in while I was there this evening and reiterated to Mom that she needs to ask for pain meds when she needs them.
He said she is doing good...and that's about all he said - I suppose there was nothing else worth mentioning.

I think tomorrow we will see even more progress.
I don't anticipate the remaining drain tubes to come out tomorrow, but I keep reassuring her that she will feel so much better once they are gone.

I was happier today knowing that I was just down the hall from her and it was nice to see the progress as the hours went by.

Everyone has been wonderful to her (except one nurse who Mom said had "an attitude" and I haven't seen that nurse since that issue was addressed).
The charge nurse is one of those people that I just want to pack up and bring home with me - love her - and the rest of the nurses, male and female, all have a sense of humor; which is a requirement when dealing with our family.

This little part of the hospital is polar opposite from the other parts that we have experienced.
What a relief!

Tomorrow will be better than today...because I refuse to believe that we will see anything but continued progress.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and concern!