Monday, February 07, 2011

Things I Learned Today

~Cardiologists are mortal

~I ask way more questions than the average person

~Surgeons squirm when questioned on hospital levels of infectious disease and staph prevention protocol

~Six antibacterial wipes do not fully clean the sitting surface of a chair in a patients room

~Valets sing way off key and park my SUV way too close to cars that cost more than I make in one year

~I, apparently, look as if I work in a hospital and am available to direct people to their destinations

~HIPAA prevents nurses from sharing information in private patient rooms, but allows physicians to share information in busy hospital hallways

~The mortality rate for the average cardiac bypass patient is only 2 in 100

~Meatloaf looks like the ground up remains of Milo and/or Otis

~There is no other reason that my Mother is alive right now other than by the Grace of GOD, because this nations top notch cardiologists cannot seem to catch a massive coronary block although they have been advised by a mere little Internist for six months that the problem existed

~Top notch cardiologists should listen to lowly little GP's, FP's and Internists

~It should take approximately three hours to slice my Mother open, crack her chest bone, reroute her heart and put her back together

~Although my Dad went through it twice and recovered nicely, the procedure is still terrifying to think about

~There was no time to weigh any options, it is now or never

~~~My family could use your prayers~~~


Nicole said...


jennohara said...

We'll be praying and thinking about you all.

...and the meatloaf thing, really painted a gross picture in my head!

Anonymous said...

If it had not been for an intern I would not be here today. Three hours before my mother was set to leave the hospital with me a very young intern told my mother if she left with me I would not make it home. At four days old I had my first open heart. At three years old I had my second. At 25 year more repairs and stents. Now at 32 I have a 2 year old little girl and a life I love and it all started with that intern that was always in the way.