Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Thank You Mother Nature

January 10, 2011


As I was begging for embarrassed pity from our Northern Neighbors, I was so relieved that the State of Alabama was completely shut down for our winter ice storm.

You all must remember, I have Yankee Blood coursing through my veins. The Alabama heat, humidity and bugs just makes me absolutely insane and I daydream of those islands 3000 miles from where I sit. The islands where when the meteorologist warns of a winter ice storm, you better batten down the hatches and pray you don't go into labor.

I dream of taking Julien back one day to see it all...and then James Spann snaps me back to reality and out the windows of my home (for which I am oh so grateful for), I see what it was that gave me one more day to recuperate from the flu before having to return to work.

Not like we could have gotten out of the driveway had we wanted to.

For those of you with a fuzzy computer monitor...that's Alabama ice.

It's just as dangerous as Montana ice or Kansas ice, but I'm willing to bet that you guys strap on the snow chains and keep on going.
Alabamaians just light fires in the fireplace, bring out the hot chocolate, turn on the surround sound and catch up on the newest Netflix movies.