Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hmmm. Really and a Seriously?

Today was a somewhat productive day - somewhat.
When we left the house this morning, we had a whole long list of things we needed to accomplish.

It started with a hair appointment for Addie - she was so nervous, but did a fabulous job of sitting like a big girl while she got her hair cut.

Then, we had to go to the dreaded mall - which we normally avoid like the plague. Out of all the things that we had to find, we managed to find only one thing.

Next stop was to Toys R Us - heaven help us. We only find our way into Toys R Us about once a year, if that often. Chris and I were tag-teaming for restroom breaks. No sooner had he walked away, a woman passed by (with her child) and asked me how old Addie is. I responded and redirected my thoughts (because that is one of those questions where people are trying to piece it all together).
Chris came back and I left. As I was making my way back from the restroom, I heard him talking to someone. It was the same woman as before. Apparently, she had come right out and asked Chris what Addie's diagnosis is (which we are completely fine with). She went on to tell him that she had seen a show about Addie's condition (???) and she knew immediately when she saw Addie that she must have the same thing as the child on the show. It was an odd and interesting conversation all at the same time, but we were just grateful that this woman had the guts to talk to us. She was so sweet and nice and we appreciated her time and thoughtfulness.

After leaving Toys R Us (we needed a drink), we were emotionally exhausted. We were headed to the hospital when I decided to call my sister to see if she would watch Addie for us. She agreed, so we headed back home to get Addie settled. Addie loves my sister and my niece and was so happy to see them!

Chris and I picked up dinner and headed to the hospital for some much needed quiet time with Mom. We were updating Mom on our day, when she piped up to tell us that a few of the nurses had asked about Addie's diagnosis. I found that interesting, nurses never ask me anything about Addie.

Mom told me that two of the nurses just flat out asked what Addie's diagnosis is and then she hesitated before finishing with, "then another asked what was wrong with her". My Mother knows that grates on our nerves and was a little irritated that those words came out of the mouth of a nurse. But, hey...when my Mother is struggling to breathe through fluid in her lungs, I don't expect for her to point that out to anyone.

Mom was way more talkative today than she has been. The nurse tonight said that her lungs sounded better and Mom looks better, BUT, there is a whole new and awful concern that has crept up this week. Bottom line is Mom is now on IV antibiotics, has an entire team of physicians watching her and is waiting on an MRI before we know more. I'm trying to keep my temper at bay and trying to focus on making sure I stay positive (ahem).

I have officially started countdown to an event that will take some of the stress off of me, while at the same time, I'm trying to realize that there are so many people that have things so much worse. I am reminded of that each time I walk into the ICU waiting room and see the same faces that I have seen for the last three weeks.