Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Thoughtful Boy...

and silly little girl.

On the way to the hospital one day last week (pick a day, any day), we stopped to pick up a few things. Julien and I ran into the store and I told him that I wanted to find something small and cheap to give to Addie to occupy her in the waiting room.
It took him no time at all to zone in on a little pink calculator. He thought Addie would like pushing all the buttons. Julien is awesome.

My brother and sister were already at the hospital, so they offered to watch Addie for a while. When I finally made my way back to Addie, I was informed that she had been such a good girl! She enjoyed "talking" to everyone and had enjoyed talking on her new phone.

Yep. Silly girl is under the impression that the calculator is a phone and talked non-stop on the calculator for the entire night. Not only did she talk to everyone on the calculator, but everyone else had to as well.

She was so proud!

I think that was the best $1.11 that I have spent in quite a while.


jennohara said...

So cute. Julien is very thoughtful...and Addie's a little smarty pants!
Hanna always walks around the house talking on the remote. :)