Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Definitely Maybe

Mom is supposed to go home tomorrow.
Home Health will be coming out.


Right here in this big open space is a whole lot of venting - not about the hospital, but about other levels of care.
These last two days have not been easy and I don't like the situation that I have had to deal with.
Whew...those of you that know about the situation, I know you understand...and thank you for listening.


Please pray that Mom gets some really compassionate providers with some sort of personality, consideration and self-worth.
I seem to have an extremely low tolerance for professional caregivers who seem to hate their jobs.
In the best interest of everyone, this Home Health Agency needs to be stock full of really good people.
I'm seriously not in the mood to have to fight for something that should just be a given.

...and to all of the nurses that are so dear to my heart (yes, you at Children's E.D. and Alabama ENT Associates and a few random others scattered around), thank you for all that you do.
You are very few and far between.