Saturday, February 05, 2011

All In The Eyes Of The Beholder...

January 15, 2011
We were feeling slightly confident after our success with the Disney characters in Orlando, so when I read that the Backyardigans would be at a nearby shopping center, I figured there were worse ways that we could possibly spend an afternoon.
Chris, Addie and I decided to head out for the meet and greet and it was a good thing that we had another stop to make in that part of town, otherwise it would have been an awfully long drive for a five minute fright fest.
First of all, I realize that the characters were dressed really lame, but considering that Addie thought they were beyond awesome - from a distance - that's all that mattered.
As soon as she saw them, she started dancing to the theme song that I imagine was going through her head. She was perfectly fine with them, just as long as they kept their distance and didn't try to touch her or come near her.
It was neat enough - considering it was FREE entertainment.

Our trek out to that part of town wasn't solely to visit the Backyardigans, my husband had business of his own to tend to - a trip to Bass Pro Shop.

I actually do like the Bass Pro Shop, but going in there with Addie is like a trip to the dentist for me. It has to be done, there's no way around it and as soon as I walk through the door, I realize that the whole experience just sucks rocks.

I don't know what it is with Addie and the Bass Pro Shop.

I think that it very well could be the hundreds (possibly thousands) of dead, stuffed animals lurking on every available space on the floor, walls, ceiling, tables and fake tree in the place.

It never fails, we walk through the door and she starts crying.
This time, she was crying so hard that a lady came over with her dog...which, I had no idea dogs were allowed in Bass Pro Shop...and this poor dog was seriously concerned.
I'm not sure if he was concerned about Addie's welfare or if he was concerned about his possible hearing loss, but whatever it was, he really wanted Addie to stop crying.

Somewhere along the way, Addie did stop crying and we made our way upstairs to the arsenal.
While Chris and I were looking at the deer hunting cameras, Addie spotted a dead, stuffed beaver right at her eye level.

As her little hand went to touch the beaver, I moved her hand away and told her, "no touching".
I told her that we do not touch the animals, we just look.
She was fine with it and was content to stare at every last detail on this poor animal.

When we started to walk away, another couple started browsing in the same area.

I was minding my own business when Addie all of a sudden held up her hands and yelled,
"no touching!".

She scared me so bad that I stopped and turned to look behind me and that's when I saw the couple step back and hold their hands up and start to laugh.

Apparently the lady had tried to touch the dead, stuffed beaver and Addie caught her.
At that point, I had to explain to this poor couple that we had just had a long conversation about not touching dead animals and I apologized for my little nosey dictator.

During it all, I couldn't help but realize that Addie must have been paying attention...and understood exactly what I had said to her.

That's my girl.


Granna said...

One of the cutest stories I have heard in a while was some people we know visiting Bass Pro Shop. Their five year old inquired about all the "stuffed" animals. His dad explained that they had been killed and a taxidermist had prepared them for display. As they made their way through the store the little guy started pointing and screaming..."Look, Daddy...they kill people, too!!!" He was pointing at the mannequin.

Kim said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

WicketsMom said...

During our visit to Santa at Bass Pro Shops this year, there was a boxer-type dog in the store. We had already stopped and let my 3-year old son and 5-year old nephew pet him. My nephew headed over to look at the big bear and suddenly the dog barked and jumped at the bear! It was like he was fine with it until the kids got close, then he was going to scare it away from them.

jennohara said...

How adorable is she? Honestly. I love that girl.