Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sweet and Cherished Friends

January 4, 2011
After Anna Lien had her party, she came to school one day and was so excited to show Addie one of her new presents.
She announced to Addie, "when you have your party, I will get you one too".
My heart just sank when she said that because I knew that we would not be having a party for Addie (and let me tell you the guilt just flooded in).
I told Anna Lien just how sweet she was to think about Addie and honestly thought that would be the end of it.
The day Addie went back to school after vacation, this was waiting for her.
I had to fight back the tears.
We are so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by amazing and kind hearted people.
I know I say it so much, but you guys have no idea how truly grateful we are for each act of kindness.
We don't take any of it for granted.

Although Addie couldn't say it, I knew that she was so excited to have a puppy dog to match Anna Lien's!