Friday, February 18, 2011

Old Goals Renewed

Part of me is just shocked that I am perfectly fine with the fact that my four-year-old cannot answer simple "age appropriate" questions.

Whether or not things upset me completely depends on the second of the day.
For whatever reason, not meeting the goal that I had for her last year, just doesn't bother me.
My goal last year was for Addie to be able to answer the question, "Addie, how old are you?".
We didn't meet the goal, so it has been renewed until December 30, 2011.

Well...according to Addie's fabulous special education teacher, Addie did answer that all important question when asked during a therapy session.

I don't have proof, so I can neither confirm nor deny it.

When Chris, Julien or I ask the little rotten Monkey how old she is, we get the response, "Twooooo".

All I can say is that she is giving an appropriate numerical response regardless of if the number is accurate or not.

Once again, she is a great representation of my favorite little frog...


Donna said...

Hmmm.... Is she learning to shave a few years off of her age so early?!