Saturday, June 20, 2009

Out of the ordinary choices

Julien, Addie and I decided to go to a restaurant that we never go to for lunch today. I usually vote against this place only because it is so incredibly quiet. When I take my children out to eat, I prefer some kind of commotion or music to drown out the noise that my kids are making!

Regardless, there we were. After placing our orders, Addie very impolitely fussed until Julien gave her the toy he was playing with. Julien and I were trying our best to grab all the little pegs that were slipping through Addie's hands before they hit the floor, when out of nowhere, a waitress stopped at our table.

She didn't make pleasant "niceties", she just went straight to the point. She said that she had watched a show on Addie's condition. I immediately thought that she must be confusing the diagnoses because I don't recall ever hearing about a show on Microcephaly (because of course, I would know if there were such a show) and I didn't feel the need to point that out. She went on to say that she just happened upon the show and watched it. She was simply amazed by the children on the show and how they were all doing so well. Then, the million dollar question came:
"So, can she walk?".

Julien piped up and told her that Addie could take a few steps and of course I chimed in to let her know that she can walk with a walker, but is not walking independently as of yet.

The waitress went on to say how beautiful Addie was and how she would try to watch the show again just for Addie. The waitress then asked if I minded if she brought Addie (and Julien) out a plate full of biscuits while we were waiting, of course I thanked her profusely and told her that it was very nice of her to stop by...and it really, really was.

That waitress really made my day. She did what I always harp on. If you have a question, ask it. Don't sit across from us and stare and then avert your eyes when I so sweetly stare back.

I know Addie's condition is becoming more noticeable..and that's not an easy fact to digest. At the same time, she is becoming more beautiful and is bringing joy to so many people. It amazes me how she brings joy to people.

Minute by minute, day by day...I'll take the bad just to be able to experience all the good.


After lunch, we decided to stop by the mall for a few things. I needed a new swimsuit to fit my post-second-baby jacked up body and new flip flops that could withstand the 3000 degree heat. With amazing speed, I got what I needed and then chose to check out at cosmetics. Not the best move because the lady didn't take the security tags off...

As the lady is getting my receipt, she asked if Julien and Addie belonged to me (because I must look like the average Saturday afternoon nanny or either nobody can figure out how I can have one brown hair/green eyed baby and one blond hair/blue eyed baby) and of course I told her "yes, I am the most blessed Mom in the world". She proceeded to tell me that she had a boy and a girl and felt that way too, but that her son died when he was seven. She proceeded to tell me that he went for a check-up one July and by September he was sick and died the following March. What struck me though, was when she told me that her pediatrician was from Greenvale. She went on to say what this pediatrician did for her before, during and after her son died. She was ever so grateful to him and from what I have heard from many, he is an amazing man.

I don't know what made her tell me that story and how ironic it was that we were just at Greenvale for the first time in a very, very long time. I guess I'm not the only one who feels so grateful to have fabulous physicians near by.


Anonymous said...

You say "I know Addie's condition is becoming more noticeable" but I think that she looks completely "normal" (if there is such a word). I think she is beautiful and the smile that she gives could light a room. So she does not make every milestone in a certain time frame; that little angel is here to do the extraordinary not just the ordinary things!