Friday, January 30, 2009

Year two

Today marks the second year since I allowed myself to make our lives public and introduce you all into our "Wait and See World".

I started to read back through that post so that I could give a complete update on where we are today. I couldn't do it. Some days I can read the post, other days I can't.

All I can say right now is that our family is blessed everyday with a joy greater than anyone can imagine. I am honored to have this life that I have and I am unbelievably fortunate for the prayers that continue for Addie and our family.

Our God continues to bless our family and heal Addie beyond what anyone could have ever imagined. I am meant to tell this story, a thousand times over.

As if I needed a reminder, while I was typing this, Addie called out for me - she was crying for me - "Momma". According to "them", she should have never spoken that word.

Thank God for each miracle, we see them every day!