Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monkey's photo shoot!

Monkey's big photo shoot for Birmingham Parent Magazine was this morning.

When we walked in, Monkey was all smiles. Totally using her sweet face and baby blue eyes to lure everyone into her web...and then she struck! As soon as I put Monkey down, she started fussing and crying and throwing a fit - in case you didn't know, there is an invisible shield that surrounds Monkey. As long as I am holding her, the shield is tougher than kryptonite, but when I put her down, the shield is destructively ruined and her mood just falls to pieces!

It took Chris, the photographer, the assistant and me to get Monkey through the session. We had to play with baby, puppy, maracas and bubbles. We had to feed her fruit snacks, sing, clap and give lots of praise, but by golly, we got the cover shot!

I was left apologizing profusly for Monkey's mood, but in the end, we accomplished what we set out to do.

I found out from the editor that the article has been submitted, but is longer than "allowed" (I guess) and so it will have to be shortened. I have no idea what the article says and I just pray that God grants the words for the article that will glorify HIM and educate as many people as possible about Monkey's diagnosis.

Everything is out of my hands now, I just have to wait for the March addition!

I can't wait to see the proofs of the session today. Monkey did look beautiful!