Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Loving every minute of it!

So, Monkey embarrassed me terribly during dinner at Jim N Nicks. She fussed, she threw her food, she dropped her crayons, pulled her shoes and socks off and was just a little mess.

Monkey embarrassed me while shopping at Sew What Graphics when she reached over and pulled dress after dress off the rack.

Monkey had to let everyone at dinner tonight know that she was in the restaurant. She wanted to say "hi" to everyone and expected everyone to say "hi" back. She talked constantly with the man in the booth behind us, then insisted that she get out of her highchair so that she could get closer to his family. She stood up on the seat and showed them E.R. Baby, she gave Baby to them to look at and said "hi" again and again until I finally had to pass her over to Chris just so that the family could eat in peace.

You know what all this means? Anyone?

Monkey - MY Monkey - is acting like a typical two year old. Isn't that "functioning like a normal child"? Not like I'm trying to be snarky or anything...