Friday, January 16, 2009

Woo hoo!

Julien made honor roll...again, of course.

I left work in the freezing cold, drove like mad, braved the ice in the parking lot, finally managed to get a parking spot in the grass by the playground, went inside to sign in and get my "approved" sticker and parked my bottom on the oh so comfy lunch room chair right before the assembly started. Whew!

I love my Baby Boy and he makes me so incredibly proud!

(What doesn't make me proud is my inability to take a good picture inside the lunch room - I think they have some sort of alpha ray Canon blocker)


Anonymous said...

Way to go Julien!  I'm so pround Addie has such a smart brother and enjoys reading to her.  You can tell she looks up to you already, what a great example!  Love you!Granny