Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bragging rights

Just in case I haven't mentioned somewhere in the last 1,119 posts this topic, now is the time and if I have, by golly, it is worth repeating!

Addie never ceases to amaze me. Although my heart never believed the doomsday predictions that were preached to us in the early days, there is still that part of me that "prepares for the worst and hopes for the best". I guess that just comes with it all. So, when another miracle presents itself, it is an unimaginable joy to me.

Addie tries so hard to talk to us. She mimics me when I sing and when we are sitting around the table eating and talking, she will move her little mouth because she wants to participate with us. She understands. Those situations always bring about an enormous amount of cautious optimism. It is her receptive language that has stunned Chris and me to silence lately.

The other night, I put Addie on my bed so that she could relax and play while I was folding clothes. She had a few toys and was crawling around on the bed and her socks managed to slip off. She noticed and Miss Dramatic sat up, put her hands on her mouth and said, "oh"! I told her to get her socks and bring them to me and I would put them on for her - never expecting for her to understand. As you all know, I always talk to her like she understands everything that I say. To my complete surprise, she crawled over, gathered her socks, crawled over to me, sat down and held her socks out. I thought I was going to completely lose it. Part of me felt complete guilt for doubting her and the other part of me was so thankful for that moment.

She's getting it...slowly. This is going to be another beautiful year filled with joy.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. We are so blessed.


Jeremy & Kim said...

Tears falling down my cheeks, and all I can say is that she is amazing and continues to show us His power... Truly a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Addie! You are AWESOME!!!! Love, Carie

Nicole said...

Thank God for this blessing! She is amazing!

Lynn E said...

Our God has no limits or boundaries. And Addie is proof of that! And only God knows all, the "experts" cannot predict blessings!!