Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Am I the only one???

That has anger management issues with OnStar?

Gee whiz that automated system tests the bounds of my sanity! I just don't understand how the automated lady manages to get nine out of the ten numbers correct and it is always the LAST number that she messes up! I won't even mention what happens when I try to give her a name instead of a number!

So, here I am this morning, driving from therapy to daycare in the pouring rain, trying to get Chris on the phone (no, it couldn't wait). I attempted the call three times before I yelled at the automated lady and hung up on her. In this world of technology, OnStar hasn't reached perfection...why???...or is it that I am so imperfect that I disgust OnStar? Either way, I just don't get it! :)


Polly & Steve said...

I have a system in my car that does the same thing...I don't have onstar or at least If it is I dont know it but who ever it is, my does the same thing and by the time I do get someone my anger level is so high it is about stroke level! (smile) Sometimes I jerk my phone out and press the button on it! Patience is not my strong suite!
Love you! Hugs to all.
Polly and Steve

Anonymous said...

Whew, I thought I was the only one that must have created some insane foreign accent with the last digit I was trying to call and that was why I was misunderstood.