Friday, January 09, 2009

An "ouch" moment

We arrived at daycare this afternoon in the middle of recess. It was such an incredibly beautiful afternoon, appreciated even more after all the rain we have had lately.

As I walked out the door to the playground, I spotted Monkey with her walker as she was attempting to go over to the stairs leading up to the slide. She had made it a foot or so off the solid surface of the playground onto the wood chips and was just standing there. All of her friends were running around, climbing up the stairs, sliding down and running back around to do it all over again. Monkey was just watching. That hurt. She didn't appear to be upset in any way, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. To compound the pain, I picked her up to help her over to the stairs and as she was trying to crawl up the stairs, her friends easily ran up the stairs to the slide...Monkey still struggled, getting the brace on her left foot hung on the stair and unable to pull herself free. Some other day I might have been just fine, but today...not so much.

I had an afternoon of battling for Monkey. I am running into a brick wall with someone that I didn't expect to have any problems with and it just didn't help my mood.

Times like this, I have to force myself to remember how blessed we are to have a beautiful little baby who can speak and crawl and walk with a walker. We have more than we ever could have imagined. We are blessed. I know.


Jenn said...

That little girl's strength and determination is enough to pull you through those rough days. Have faith and God's Grace and Addie's BIG smile will pull you through when you need it the most.

LucieP said...

hi Jenn

I found your blog through another.

Your story is so touching.

Addie and Julien are beautiful!

Hope that you have a wonderful 2009.

Anonymous said...


I will keep you in my prayers! Carie