Monday, September 12, 2011

My Little Monkey

On one of the chilly days last week, Addie got to wear her new Monkey dress to school!
Addie's sweet little friend helps her each day with her knee pads and shoes.
I swear it melts my heart.
This little girl is amazing and everyday when I walk out of their classroom, I always wonder if she will ever know the special place she holds in my heart.
We are so incredibly blessed and fortunate to be surrounded by loving children who care so much for Addie and want so much to help her each day!
I pray that God always puts kind and loving people in our path.
A rare, blurry photo op of ER Baby, Chunkus Monkus, Me and my end of the day comfy going-home shoes.


Granna said...

My grandchildren were visiting last night and I was doing my blog hopping, when they bought saw Addie on the screen. They both said at once...Who is that? She is so cute! I told them her name was Addie and they really liked that since their sister is Addi. I told them she spelled her name a little different. Lila (about to be 4) was very curious as to the little helper in one of the pictures and asked about her. I told her she was just a special friend of Addi's and I did not know her name.