Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5th Game of the Season

Yet again, the 7th graders had to stay on the sidelines because the opponents did not have a 7th grade team for us to play.
I was extremely surprised at Julien's attitude over the entire situation.
He wasn't ticked off about it and is looking forward to his next opportunity to play.
I was impressed...
Part of his positive attitude came from the time he got to spend with his teammates discussing the size of the opposing teams players.
Holy cow...these kids were huge!
The picture doesn't adequately capture the size of #75.
When this kid walked onto the field, I think every spectator gasped!
By the way, their #24 was awesome.
Might as well get comfortable!
It was another long night and another time that we were incredibly thankful that Addie was at home.
We had a delay due to lightening...
despite the beautiful sunset!
Our guys won this one.
Once again, I am so thankful for pictures like this.
Teams gathered together in prayer.